SAB demonstrates market access for small BWO businesses

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The South African Breweries is committed to developing talented black female business owners and giving them experience and exposure to business by working with one of the world’s biggest brewers. The organisation has several entrepreneurship development programmes that are focused on creating trustworthy and reliable suppliers, who can work not only within SAB but have learnt to adapt to the needs of other large corporates. Two of the SAB’s Enterprise Development programme graduates, Yasmine Kazadi and Thuli Radebe, were recently appointed by SAB to co-ordinate a national roadshow for the launch of the Entrepreneurship Programme, and did a sterling job. […]


Cash on event delivery (COEB) – Cash flow management for your event

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Negotiating and working within your client’s payment terms to delivering an event As an SME in the event management field, working with big corporates means being treated like an organisation that has cash flow. Many organisations like to know that the company they have employed to manage a service can deliver the service before payment. For SME’s that becomes a very difficult task because SMEs rely so heavily on the cash coming in from their clients to run the event and their business. Here are a 5 few ways we have established to deliver COED ( Cash on event delivery […]

Tight on savings, c-clamp on piggybank

Event Managers’ Basic Tips to Planning an Event on a Budget

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If you have been in the events industry for long or even planned a private event before, you are highly aware of the dreaded “Low Budget Event”. The stress of ensuring that the event is still a quality event, with those limited funds is the ultimate goal for any event organiser. In today’s blog, we give you basic yet fundamental tips to ensuring that your events are always quality events whether you have the money to spend or not. Manage your clients’ expectations: It’s been known that clients have a tendency of requesting their awards to replicate The Academy Awards […]