My take home from the World Economic Forum

South Africa's diverse culture is becoming a valuable commodity, with food acting as a backdrop to showcase the country's rich heritage. As Brand Manager to this culinary savant, I was proud to witness how Chef Wandile Mabaso is using his culinary expertise to highlight the intersection of indigenous and fine dining, reimagining traditional South African ingredients.


At the World Economic Forum, Chef Wandile showcased the culinary diversity of South Africa, proving that the country’s cuisine is a valuable commodity. I’ve come to understand that experience of the intangible is the essence of truly communicating what culture is. It is no longer that South Africa has 9 different cultures, it is the magic of their amalgamation that is the true commodity, intentionally underpinned by the experiences created through cuisine, art, hospitality and travel through the South African lens. I would go so far as to say that this is the New Gold Rush; the new frontier of what Culture will be recognised as in the coming decade. 

An event like the World Economic Forum provides a platform for South African Brands to demonstrate the ROI of investing in South Africa’s food, travel & hospitality industries, which is not just about financial gain but also about preserving cultural heritage and promoting sustainable businesses in South Africa and Africa at large. 

My experience at the World Economic Forum has highlighted that the world is ready to invest and experience in the intangible. I truly believe that culture is the newest commodity for South Africa and is a testament to the power of culture to unite people and create something truly special.

If people can become intentional about creating businesses about who we are, the next raw material export from this continent is cultural focused business opportunities that are innate and specific to South Africans, that benefit the communities where it originates.