The Art of Experience

South Africa's diverse culture is becoming a valuable commodity, with food acting as a backdrop to showcase the country's rich heritage. As Brand Manager to this culinary savant, I was proud to witness how Chef Wandile Mabaso is using his culinary expertise to highlight the intersection of indigenous and fine dining, reimagining traditional South African ingredients.

Working with Chef Wandile Mabaso and Sommelier Xolani Mancotywa at BRICS 2023

Working with Chef Wandile and Sommelier Xolani was truly unforgettable. Chef Wandile’s passion for food and creativity was inspiring, resulting in beautifully crafted dishes that combined traditional South African flavors with modern twists. Sommelier Xolani’s impressive knowledge of South African wine and perfect pairings complemented the menu, which celebrated the rich heritage of South Africa.

Mercatique played a pivotal role as the Food & Beverage Project Managers for four of the Cultural Exchange events involving Chef Wandile and Sommelier Xolani’s teams on this project. In my capacity as the Project Lead, this experience served as a vivid reminder and an opportunity for me to reacquaint myself with invaluable lessons that extend beyond the realms of culinary expertise or event management.

Ultimately, we succeeded in our mission. Heads of State and guests left with a newfound appreciation for South African culture, and we took great pride in our role of sharing our country with the world.