Brand Strategy and Experience Solutions.

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At Mercatique Consulting, we are the solutions architects.

​Our consultancy started in event management and has evolved into a creative solutions firm that offers brand strategy and experience solutions. 


Our offering

Event Manangment

% based on event budget

Our event management expertise is a fusion of creativity, logistical precision, and client-centric synergy. We don’t just execute events; we craft seamless journeys.

Why Choose Mercatique Consulting?

Event Planning and Management
Venue Selection and Management
Logistics and Technical Production
Guest Management and Communication

Events Admin Services

R6 500

This Product is for a Corporate Client who needs an event to be costed

Why Choose Mercatique Consulting?

Expert Event Admin Support for your Event
Comprehensive Event Costing: three quotes per line item
Aligning Procurement Processes to streamline payment of suppliers.
Detailed report outlining the most cost-effective route to achieving the client's event objectives.

20-Day Conference Production Package

R25 000

Our 20-Day Cycle: A Blueprint for Success

Why Choose Mercatique Consulting?

Communication and Writing: Our creative and engaging content captivates your audience.
Strategic Contribution: We shape the direction of your conference to maximize effectiveness.
Networking and Collaboration: Strong relationships and seamless teamwork ensure unparalleled success.
Embark on a journey to master the art of speaker management with our latest blog post. From the hunt for quality speakers to engaging the audience and showing appreciation,...

Selebogo Molefe, CEO: The Biz Plug

"Mercatique Consulting,  has allowed The Biz Plug the capacity to execute on some large projects with our long-standing clients as well as smaller-scale requests."

Zoleka Lisa, Senior Director: Corporate Affairs ABInBEV

"Mercatique Consulting has created and successfully implemented several Events, for our Business Unit, including the successful implementation of our participation at the 2018 Africa Investment Forum Cocktail Function."

Xolani Mancotywa, CEO: Chenin Noir

"Mercatique Consulting has helped Chenin Noir for over 3 years on international beverage programmes and assisted in implementing key milestones in the business ”

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