Conquering the Conference: A 20-Step Quick Guide to Success

Crafting successful conferences demands careful planning and strategic execution. With over a decade of experience in conference production, I've developed a 20-step Conference Production Cycle to guide the process. From crafting industry-specific agendas to fostering meaningful dialogue, this roadmap ensures impactful conferences that resonate with diverse audiences. Whether you're a seasoned producer or aspiring to facilitate change within your industry, follow these steps for success.

Conquering the Conference: A 20-Step Quick Guide to Success

If you’ve ever attended a conference, you know that they are as varied as the industries they represent. Crafting an industry-specific agenda that addresses the industry’s challenges and sparks thought-provoking discussion is a complex task. But with over a decade of experience in conference production, I have developed a successful method to navigate this intricacy.

Welcome to my 20-step Conference Production Cycle. This roadmap has been instrumental in creating insightful agendas that resonate with various industries, leading to memorable conferences that profoundly impact their landscapes.
This guide is for all conference producers and those aspiring to foster impactful dialogues within their industry. Follow these steps to build a successful conference and agenda:

Desk Research: Turn detective. Investigate market trends and analyze your target audience’s needs. This information will guide your decisions throughout the planning process.
Speaker Research: Curate your dream list of speakers who align with your conference theme. Consider expertise, relevance, and star power.
Phone Research: Reach out to potential speakers to gauge their interest and availability. Building relationships is crucial to securing the best in the business.
Marketing Brief: Craft your conference’s narrative through a marketing brief. This document will guide your marketing team’s promotional journey.
Speaker Acquisition: Begin inviting speakers and finalizing agreements. Clear communication is key to aligning them with your conference agenda.
MASS & Strategy: Launch your Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and Social Media (MASS) strategy to maximize visibility and boost ticket sales.
Brochure Design: Design an attention-grabbing brochure that embodies your conference’s brand, featuring key speakers and agenda details.
Web Upload: Make all event details visible by uploading your comprehensive agenda and confirmed speakers to your event website.

At Mercatique Consulting, we’ve found great success using this model. We believe in building dialogue and making an impact in the industry through successful conferences, and we invite you to use our 20-Day Cycle as a blueprint for your success.