Meet the Team


Yasmine Kazadi, Managing DirectorYasmine Kazadi

Yasmine Kazadi has expertise in Marketing and Communications.  Her drive is rooted in providing creative and strategic insight into new market initiatives for entrepreneurs and more specifically, women entrepreneurs from multi-sectors.

Her forte lies in developing marketable intellectual content and insight into entrepreneurship relevant for organizations and SMEs based on dedicated research.





VuyoVuyo Tshangana, Events & Marketing Manager 

Vuyo Tshangana is a Marketing and Events Manager responsible for coordinating marketing campaigns, shaping and implementing the events overall strategy ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery.







AshleyAshley Santos, Public Relations Manager

Ashley Santos has skills in Public Relations, with experience in media facilitation. She knows just how to analyse and strategies clients’ products and services into positive media stories.

Her goals are to build, enhance and promote clients’ reputations through the media.