15 Years before the drought

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June 10, 2018

15 Years before the drought


Lesira-Teq celebrates 15 years of innovation and service in smart metering solutions.

South Africa’s drought had up until recently been declared a national disaster, affecting the economy and key sectors that contribute to the GPD. This has put the country at great risk of reduced water access. The impact of the drought has not only affected business and government but also individuals. Government has been at the forefront of requesting innovative smart water technology solutions that cities can adopt.

15 years before there was a growing concern with water access, Lesira-Teq had already started to develop their smart metering products and services to address the current water crisis facing the country. 15 years ago, South Africa had not placed a key focus on water saving measures as it has in the past few years. Lesira-Teq recognised that utilities were migrating into smart cities as municipalities geared to build efficient cities, and they cemented themselves in the market.

“Lesira-Teq recognised early on that Municipalities through their utilities were migrating into smart cities, which required for new innovative product ranges to meet this new capacity”, said Edwin M. Sibiya, Managing Director of Lesira-Teq.

Lesira-Teq’s goal 15 years ago, was to provide its customers with the highest quality smart meter products and services. Similar to other SMME’s before the Internet of thing (IoT)s, the industry required them to adapt to an ever-changing, unstable environment where they always had to reposition their offering.

Today, Lesira-Teq offers South Africa’s leading smart metering solutions and has set its futuristic mindset to always keep its eye on new trends, technologies and new findings from research conducted. The next 15 years for Lesira-Teq are limitless with products and services already benchmarking against the best international standards. Lesira-Teq is very excited for the products, services and contributions it will be making to the industry over the next 15 years!

About Lesira-Teq

Lesira-Teq is a leading innovations company that designs, manufactures and supplies Smart Metering Systems globally. Our company’s track record spans over 15 years and is a testament to a company that has made remarkable strides in the innovation and development of Smart Metering Technologies.

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